For 6 years, LEVERADE has been developing technology and tools to help sports entities and athletes optimize their day-to-day operations and management.
We pride ourselves in having a global network of over 90 sports federations, who have used our services & apps year on year to organize over 40 million matches and over 10 million events, comprising everything from football to swimming, to gymnastics.
We’ve come a long way since we first started out. This year, however, we’re going even further.
All the way to the blockchain.
Today, we are going to introduce blockchain technology into the world of sports and esports, allowing anyone and everyone to buy direct voting rights, participate, get rewarded for supporting their favorite players, teams, leagues, and for the first time ever, federations.
Using our upcoming $LEGEND token, set to launch in early Q1 2022, we’re looking to empower the entire sports ecosystem by making blockchain technology accessible to communities around the world, allowing any federation to easily launch its own Initial Sports Federation Offering (IFO) with its own blockchain-based currency.
Last modified 10mo ago