Sports Federations Launchpad


First Sports Federations Launchpad: LEVERADE will be the first Sports Federations Launchpad that will hold Initial Sports Federations Offering (IFO) through $LEGEND token.
Imagine being able to acquire your favorite federation token. Football, Rugby, Basketball, Surf, Swimming, Tennis, Paddle, you name it.
International, national, regional federations will be able to generate new revenue streams through blockchain technology and tokenization. Fans, athletes, sponsors, managers, and anyone that want to support the federations can buy their tokens.
Just imagine being able to have voting power on your national team shirt design or even being able to design who was the MVP of the season. This is the real power of decentralization that will be a game-changer for federations and everyone in the sports world.
Federations will be able to benefit from this technology by giving their tokens multiple uses and creating new revenue streams.
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