Our Vision
LEVERADE works to make sports sustainable. We envision a world where blockchain enables sports entities and athletes to maximize the return they obtain for living their passion and chasing their dreams.

Our Vision

Being the first launchpad in the market for sport federations we aim to become the industry standard. An integral solution for federations allowing them to exploit all type of utilities with their virtual coins and NFTs.
By Launchpad we are not only talking about tokens, but about being the ones that bring federations to the crypto world. As many small and regional federations struggle to get funding this will be a game-changer for them. Big federations will also take so much profit from this and will generate new revenue streams, healthy for the sports business.
We also believe that the future is decentralized. Where not only the powerful, but normal people can make decisions and have voting rights on how things are done. It is a challenge because it is an unexplored path, but we have more than 6 years of experience in sports and working with federations, so we blindly believe we can achieve it.
Sports + crypto + federations is the perfect use case for blockchain technology. Even bigger than DeFi thanks to the unrivaled network effects of the sport entities. You all know that crypto is about network effects and decentralization. Also that blockchain allows to reward nodes according to their contribution to the network.
Sports federations, associations, governing bodies, tournaments and leagues are the most engaged networks in the world. Fans, athletes, players, clubs, referees, sponsors are all nodes of the network that contribute to make possible challenging competitions that athletes love to participate in, fans love to follow and sponsors love to be involved with.
Why are we doing this? Why are we getting into crypto? Because we believe it is the future. As a technology company, we are always moving forward, and this pretty much looks like a step forward into the future.
Sports enthusiast are more engaged contributors than finance enthusiast. That is why we are big supporters of the merge of sports, crypto and federations in a common platform. LEVERADE plays a key role on bringing blockchain to the sports world and to easing its adoption from the broad sports community.
Our mission is to make sports sustainable. We love sports, we have been athletes, we have been members of a club, and we know that sports entities lack enough human and capital resources. We also know the big power that sports have, how big their communities are and what is the real value that can be extracted from their two main assets: member data and sports data.
Athletes, fans, clubs, and referees are great audiences for sponsors. Live scoring, stats, and sports data are valuable for fans and third-party developers. We believe that blockchain is the solution to unlock new revenue streams and fairly reward every stakeholder in the sports community according to their contributions.
LEVERADE has been providing technology solutions to more than 90 federations for over 6 years. We have applications for every stakeholder (athletes, clubs, referees, fans, federations, sponsors) and it rise us to a unique position for creating engaging utilities and retaining federations and users season after season.
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