Federations are at the very top of the sports pyramid. They are the organizations that include all of the sports actors: clubs, athletes, teams, managers, sponsors, referees, and more!
Federations can vary in importance and size, from International Federations such as FIFA to Regional ones such as Federación de Natación de Murcia. Here comes the real deal, we can help FIFA generate new revenue streams through blockchain (the impact will be much higher than a regional federation) and also help Federación de Natación de Murcia to join crypto technology and generate a new way of generating revenue.
Just imagine a small Swimming Federation from some small city in Spain. Imagine all the athletes, trainers, managers, parents, clubs, referees, organizations. We are talking about thousands of potential clients, just from a small federation in a small city of Spain. Can you see this in a different magnitude? Think about the FFF (Fédération Française de Football), they are a whole country of fans.
This is the beauty of decentralization, where big and small players can benefit from the technology to thrive and generate new businesses at different scales.
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