The Solution

The Problem

Sports entities are semi-professional organizations that struggle to get funds.
1) Except for major leagues and elite athletes, 98% of the senior and grassroots sports entities need to rely on a few staff and volunteers. Even athletes compete as a complement to their jobs and studies
2) They use legacy and isolated technology that impede to maximize their operational efficiencies and a proper collection and exploitation of their data
3) They lack a fair and simple mechanism to reward their stakeholders: athletes, fans, sponsors, governing bodies, clubs, referees.

The Solution

Use blockchain to take advantage of the unrivaled network effects of sports federations and their competitions
1) Create the tokens and NFTs of federations to build economy flywheels around their communities and data. Increasing engagement with their members with voting rights and rewards.
2) Infrastructure to collect, standardize, store, analyze and distribute sports data. Maximizing revenues streams and the integration with external crypto solutions and software providers
3) Tools to maximize operational efficiencies: memberships, registrations, competitions, scheduling, refereeing, payments

The Opportunity

The opportunity is huge. Just imagine a small federation or association, it has thousands of people that are part of it: clubs, athletes, managers, sponsors, referees, parents, trainers, etc. So big federations... we are talking about entire countries!
Federations are on top of the sports pyramid and they wrap the rest of sports entities. So working with the ones at the top of the pyramid we have a large number of potential customers, rather than only a fan of a specific football club, for example.
As federations struggle to receive funds and new revenue streams, LEVERADE comes to solve that, making it a huge opportunity for all the involved parts.

The Innovation

LEVERADE is bringing crypto and blockchain technology to federations.
This is a big step towards the future of sports in general, as federations are still used to old ways of management. First, our goal was to digitalize them through our management platform and now we are taking this one step further into blockchain and decentralization.